Ligretto League - Rules

Last modifications:

31.10.09Minimal number of matches for the first deadline (§8)
Claim rules (§8)
Rules in case of one player isn’t online on a fixed date (§9)
01.12.09Junction of previous §11 and 12
01.12.09Adaptation of the numbers of pro- and demoting players (§7)

1. Process of the League:

  • One league considers normally of 12 players.
  • There is one 1st league, one 2nd league and 1-2 3rd leagues.
  • Every League has its own name.
  • The 1st league is called Liga der Geparden (League of the Cheetahs)
  • The 2nd league is called Liga der Rennmäuse (League of the Gerbils)
  • The 3rd league is called Liga der Grashüpfer (League of the Grasshoppers)
  • Everybody plays one first round and one second round against each player, so there are normally 22 games.
  • The first and the second round don’t have to be played at the same day.
  • One game means one game of Ligretto until 100 points.
  • The winner gets two points, the looser zero, a draw is one point for each player.
  • After the end of the season, there are the playoffs for the League of the Cheetahs.

2. Counting of the standings:

  • Most important are the reached points.
  • After that the
  • Points of the played games
  • Head-to-head record
  • Amount of the games
  • Drawing
  • The tiebreaker “amount of the games” will be checked after the end of the season.

3. Venue:

  • The right of home field belongs to the player who is first named in the playing schedule. He is allowed to choose a room for all games.
  • In the playoffs the player who is placed better in the standings chooses a room for the games. This room has to be used for all games of the playoffs-series.

4. Playing period:

  • Games can be played at any time.
  • The duration of one season is two months.
  • After one season there is one month break. In this month, the playoffs are played.
  • 50 % of the games have to be played until the first deadline (one month).
  • After two month there are the playoffs for one month. All players who aren’t qualified have to pause.
  • The new season starts after the playoffs.

5. Playoffs

  • The playoffs are only relevant for the League of Cheetahs.
  • They are played during the break between two seasons.
  • The best four players play for the title of the champion. In the semi-final rank 1 plays against rank 4 and rank 2 plays against rank 3.
  • The mode of playing is best of five respectively until one player has six or more winning points.
  • One win counts two winning points, a draw counts 1:1.
  • If after five games there is a draw, the players will play until there is a winner.
  • Deadline for the semi-final is the 21st of the month in which it’s played.

6. Results of the games:

  • Before starting the game, the option /option result Ligo-Liga has to be activated.
  • The result of the game will automatically be registered by the puppet.
  • After playing the option has to be deactivated by /option result Ligo-Liga again.
  • There are two solutions if the players forget the option:
  • 1. /tell Ligo-Liga @entergame _opponent _ownpoints _opponent'spoints
  • The opponent has to confirm the result.
  • 2. One player can also post the result in the forum.

7. Pro- and demotion:

  • In the League of Cheetahs the 2 last players will demote.
  • In the League of Gerbils the 2 highest ranked players will promote and the 2 last ones will demote.
  • In the League of Grasshopper the best two players of each league will promote.
  • Re-entering players will fill the first free places.
  • Then one less demotion (per lower league)
  • And at last one more promotion
  • If it isn’t clear the points per game will decide it.
  • The number of participants in the League of Grasshopper can vary.
  • Disqualified players start automatically one league lower and can’t use the re-entering-rule.

8. Not-played matches (claims) for the 1st deadline and the end of a season:

  • During the 1st month, 50 % of the matches have to be played.
  • For each missing game, the player gets one penalty point.
  • If one player has less than 25% of all games he/she will be disqualified for the actual season.
  • If the amount of games is odd it will be rounded up, it means that e.g. from nine games five have to be played until the 1st deadline.
  • If one player has less than 50 % of his/her games until three days before ending of the season he/she will be zeroed.
  • If one player is disqualified two times in row he/ she will be banned for the next season.
  • If one player gets in one season more than four penalty points he/she will play in the following one on “probation”.
  • If the player then gets one or more penalty points he/she will be banned for the next season.
  • Exceptions of this rule can be made. The player has to talk to wassernixe and he/she needs good reasons.
  • Claims can only be made for not-played matches at the end of the season if a player thinks that he/she did sufficient efforts to play the game.
  • There will be a thread in the forum. The claims can be posted there no later than 24 hours after the end of the deadline.
  • The player has to state his/her league, the game day and the reason for claiming.
  • Reasons can be e.g. no answer to e-mails (at least one week before the deadline)
  • In addition, proof has to be e-mailed to wassernixe.
  • A successful claim will be counted 50:0.
  • To surrender voluntarily, which is frowned upon, the player has to contact wassernixe first.

9. An example for appointments:

  • There are always players who complain that their opponents don’t like to play. So here is a possible solution:
  • If a player doesn’t want to play after the question in a tell you should ask for a date.
  • The best solution is an e-mail with some proposal for dates. (At least one week before the end of the deadline!!)
  • If the game still isn’t played the opponent has to do the next step.
  • You can wait until a proposal is made.
  • If there are no proposals until the end of the season you can claim.
  • If the player who claims has no time in the days before the deadline he/she has to tell this to his/her opponent.
  • If an opponent doesn’t appear to a date the player who is in the BSW has to wait at least approximately 15 minutes.
  • If the opponent doesn’t appear the player who is in the BSW can wait for proposals of the opponent and he/ she can also claim at the end of the season.
  • The new proposal for a date should reach the opponent at least 3 days before the deadline.

10. Withdrawal:

  • If a player has less than or only 75 % of the games played all his/her games will be zeroed.
  • If a player has more than 75 % of the games the other games will be counted 1:0 against him/her.
  • If a player signs off right to the beginning of a season the administration can replace him/her.

11. Registration, Sign-off and Re-entry

  • New players start in the League of Grasshopper.
  • Each registered user who has played at least 20 games of Ligretto before the start of the League can participate.
  • The registration is announced in the forum; please look there for further information.
  • Every player has to register for each season.
  • If one has participated in a higher class and then made a break for some seasons he/she does not necessarily need to start in the lowest class in case of re-entering the Ligretto-League. However, this requires that there is a free space in his league due to dropouts. His league is the one he had been qualified for if he hadn’t taken a time-out.
  • The player has to announce his re-entry in the Forum.

12. Prize Money:

  • There are 50 Taler per participant available, but 3,000 Taler max.
  • Champion: 30 %
  • Vice champion: 22.5 %
  • The two players in the semi-final: each 15 %
  • 1st Gerbils: 10 %
  • 1st Grasshoppers: 7.5 %
  • Prize money is available after the playoffs.
  • To get the prize money you have to /tell poschdi in die BSW.

13. Puppet:

  • The complete League is organized by the puppet “Ligo-Liga.”
  • The puppet is from BloodyMary and has its own homepage:
  • The players can take a look at the puppet and its commands by /tell Ligo-Liga @help

14. Disconnect rules:

  • If a player has technical problems in the first round, the game will be repeated.
  • If a player has problems at a later time and can’t restart the Brettspielwelt, the other player has to wait ten minutes. If both players agree, the game can be repeated, otherwise the player who stayed gets 105 points and the other player has the points he or she had at the time of his disconnect.
  • If the server has broken down or there is a reboot, the game has to be repeated.
  • These rules are only for the emergency case. If the players agree with each other the game can be repeated.

15. Change of rules:

  • I reserve the right to make changes to these rules, if I am of the opinion that they are necessary. This means especially rules concerning the composition of the leagues.